Thanks for looking us up. Museum Of Giggles is a collection of art and stories by Neorah Paul, now 13 years old. Find a way to smile everyday.

“ Be a giggle generator. ”

- Museum of Giggles -

Stewart & Pals

“ Is someone born today? ”

- Big questions by a little girl. -

“ Can I have bracelets on teeth like Jamie? ”

- Toddler asking for braces. -

A Day Of Fun

“ Is it blooding? ”

- Three year old about a finger cut. -

“ Bless that I got to play outside. Bless that we can go to the park. Bless that my hurt is healed. Bless that mommy didn’t make spicy food. ”

- Toddler saying her prayer. -


Bad Words

Judah: (whispering)  Mom! The dictionary has bad words in it!

Mom: :O

Judah: (whispering) It has J-A-C-K-A-S-S.

By Judah Paul @ 7 yrs.

Uni, Monty & Mega Dogs

“ A kid-friendly place to share the stuff that makes you smile. ”

- Museum of Giggles -

Have a very berry day!

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