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“ All of my teeth are sweet tooths! ”

- Kid with big craving. -

“ Mom, it would be nice if I was not afraid of anything for a day. ”

- Kid inspired by a base jumper on TV show -

“ My head is full of worries thinking about all the work I have to catch up with at school! ”

- Kid who was missing a day of school -

“ There's so many choices! Which one do I choose?! ”

- Kid looking at 6 pairs of identical black socks. -

“ Mommy, when I become a mommy, will you be a grandma? ”

- Big questions by a little girl. -

“ Is someone born today? ”

- Big questions by a little girl. -

“ Can I have bracelets on teeth like Jamie? ”

- Toddler asking for braces. -

“ Bless that I got to play outside. Bless that we can go to the park. Bless that my hurt is healed. Bless that mommy didn’t make spicy food. ”

- Toddler saying her prayer. -
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