Thanks for looking us up. Museum Of Giggles is a collection of art and stories by Neorah Paul, now 13 years old. Find a way to smile everyday.


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Treeze Sneeze

Fashion Gone Wild

Blame Game


Dad’s Grading Scale

A+ = Average

A = Awful

B = Better not show that to me

C = Cannot believe what I am seeing

D = Don’t come home

F = Find a new family

Credits : Jonathan Paul, 16 yr & Judah Paul, 12 yr.

The boys revamped the grading scale to meet Dad’s expectations.




Fruit bowl or hole? An accidental illusion by Neorah Paul, 9 yrs. Pen illustration. Neorah: ‘I just happened to draw a bad fruit bowl.’   Read More »

Mischievous Martin – Part 4

Mischievous Martin – Part 3

Mischievous Martin – Part 2

Mischievous Martin – Part 1



For her friend, Kate, whose love for dogs and soccer is woven into the little details. Illustrated in pencil & colorized by Neorah Paul, 9 yrs.   Read More »

Welcome Back

Welcome Back

A mini story about a snail who leaves home for a very stinky reason. Written & illustrated by Neorah Paul, the 9-year-old storyteller. Illustrations done in pencil with a touch of marker pen. Read the story.     Read More »

Adelie At A Deli

Adelie At A Deli

Colorized pencil drawing by Neorah Paul, 9 yrs. Adelie penguins may not mind it, but thinking of ‘Adelie at a deli’ helps us pronounce their name correctly. And to keep the penguins happy, Neorah’s teacher asked her to illustrate it for ... Read More »

Land Of Fake-Believe

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