Thanks for looking us up. Museum Of Giggles is a collection of art and stories by Neorah Paul, now 13 years old. Find a way to smile everyday.

Asynchronized Swimming

Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy

Pencil illustration by Neorah Paul, 10 yrs. The story behind the picture: She asked her mom to name a thing. Anything. Spotting something, Mom said, “Baby bottle.” Neorah scribbled away. A few moments later, Mom was asked to name an animal. ... Read More »


Natural Hair

Dog Vader

Fighting The Figgy Pudding

A Rug’s Life

Shockingly Shocking!

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Fire’s Hazards

Snack Bark

Can’t Beat The Beet


Mysterious Blobs

Oh, My!

“ All of my teeth are sweet tooths! ”

- Kid with big craving. -
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